Sunday, April 20, 2008

Work at home. Is it possible?

I've been so busy this week actually.

The week was fully occupied with 5 days workshop, while in between I still managed to find my own time to return to my office and settled up few operational tasks and also met 3 of my clients + prospects during lunch time & after office hour.

Saturday is always be my "5 S day". I cleaned toilet, mopped the floor (using the cherry liquid which I bought personally from the cleaner's office supervisor, very good smell I tell uu!!), fold ed 2 baskets of dry clothes, moved varieties of goods from roomto storage cabinet, prepared good food, cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned up the garden, ironed the whole family's uniform and last but not least read book with kids . The new kitchen also felling glad for having the first visitor: Yani and family. We had good time of talking about house renovation and the kid's development ( mom love to talk about it I guess). She is also planning to start their renovation very soon.

Before I slept, I took my time surfing and reading the success of few Internet Entrepreneur in Malaysia like Gobala, Syed Ikhwan & Alang. I just joined their club. I really admired them especially Bala. He is my classmate during our MMU's life. He's a very successful Internet Marketer today. We learnt the same subject a long time ago like, Consumer Behavior, Internet Marketing and many other marketing related subject. We got our same degree in Marketing but maybe with different CGPA. We used to work in the same company ( now, he has resigned from my company few years ago). Today, we are different. He have applied the subject in the real life, while I'm still working here and let the time come and go with no significant difference. I want to choose my new life. I'm learning and exploring. I want to work at home or at least a flexible hours. I'll prove it to myself!! Am I dream too big?

My Sunday also hectic. It's started with the family's project and then with my Cheesecake's Project. This project doesn't need me to run the mixer nor heat the oven. Will share with you all sooner. We also managed to visit my cousin who just given birth last Tuesday. She is a very cute baby, name Ainul Balqis. I hope I spell it right. I just finisehd reading this book "How Buffet Does it". Gonna share his tremendously important notes in BijakRinggit. I'm now resuming my CC Project. Then my target after maghrib : cook for dinner, fold dry clothes, resume the Project again. No more TV program in our life.

Another note, read the latest news in Majalah IM #3 which featured Gobala.


::zuraimah:: said... Reply To This Comment

huhuhu same here....kak ct pun teringin gak nak be a WORK AT HOME MUMMY (WAHM). Tp xtau blenye nak start...hopefully once dah move to new house sbb insya-Allah will be more managable then current..wish ya all d best sis

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

rasanya semua ibu-ibu mempunyai dream yang sama, cuma kita ni belum mengambil action sebenar eheheh

Wan Ahmad Dani said... Reply To This Comment

Farra.. thanks sebab bagi banyak idea kat kami untuk renovation nie... KC Farra memang beshla.. Yani memang minat giler...

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