Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 photobook (PB) in progress

1st PB for Perth Holiday is in progress by my friend, Semah. For this, I will use 1 voucher that I purchased 2 mo ago; Photobook Imagewrap Hardcover 8 X 12.5 @ RM64, 40 pages. RM64 ini harga PB sahaja bukan termasuk upah designer pro:=)

2nd PB in progress by myself. I didn't make any PB for all photos in 2011. I think I need to do 2 PB to cater photos in 2011 but I only have 1 voucher, which I've allocated for PB Perth.So terpaksa juga mencari all PB promotions yg ada. Based on review of few friends and also from my experience, I've decided to use offer from myflippix.
This offer is for Imagewrap Hardcover 12 X 12 @ RM58, 20 pages. Additional page RM1.50/page. Murah tuh..if 40 pages, baru RM88! Saje tulis details specifikasi PB so that we can use for future reference!

My 1st PB used this myflippix! Check it out here!

Offer until 31 July je ni! gigih den membuatnya ..kalau boleh takmo ganggu Ramadhan..meh terjah offer ni

My 3rd PB in progress..kalau la tak payah lipat kain kat rumah boleh kot siap kejap ekkeke

Eh 2nd PB kite tak citer pon kan? ok later k...next entry insyallah


eLLe said... Reply To This Comment

caiyokkkk caiyokkk farra..

kite nak buat tp x ckop gamba lagi..nanti2 la..hehe..

Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

wiken ni ngadap PB gamaknya :)