Friday, June 29, 2012

18 months old Maher

My youngest son turn 18 months old last Sat. Owh how time flies...Alhamdulillah I'm still breastfeed ( almost exclusive) him despite of once a while the caretaker said they give him plain/juice/tea in the evening while waiting mummy pick him up. It's ok la Ibu as long as they all happy.

It's a big relieve to see that both my youngest are now look happy going to the nursery, meaning tade adegan nanges2 when mummy left them. Another, Alhamdulillah..rezeki tu kans?

Ok layan gambo jap..kasi happy2 dulu sebab lepas ni edisi emosi sket

 Gambar from DSLR Bull. TQ Semah dengan pesanan--> ngapa travelogue Perth idok dihupdet?

  camwhoring big boy Maher. The daddy said " sudah tiba masanya". Tiba masanya apa bang??? LOL

But looking at my current EBM stock , around 15 bottles. I have to set my expectation that sooner we must top up my baby with formula milk. Sob sob sob.. Lagi -lagi la Ramadhan is coming. Bulan barakah, I have to pray hard that I can still produce enough milk. Ok positive2! Think that I can produce more or enough for Maher so then the milk will produce more..that's how Law of Attraction work katanyaa…ameenn. Permudahkan urusanku Ya Allah...
Tade la emosi sangat....saya redha! 

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