Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saya perlukan motivasi!

I'm feeling a bit down, no mood etc. emmmm.....

* Gambar hiasan

I suddenly found this blog. I keep reading the previous entries and it has given me motivation and strength to face the days ahead. And just now, Yati found this blog. Sdeynyerrr

May zikir and quran recitation help settling down. Tq yer Semah, for giving the mp3 quran yesterday.

Nonetheless, I can't wait for 22nd to come!


Ummu Auni Afif said... Reply To This Comment

read this . i personally know the writer.

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

aini, best jugakk..thxx

nur.najib said... Reply To This Comment

kak.the best is the one comes within you.if u r unexpectedly xpecting,the best thing is to feel grateful.bukannya apa kak."kun fayakun"..dan dgn itu juga perancanganNya terbaik buat kita.

but if you are still in 'waiting' mode to be sure of it,i really hope you will ready to expect any result out of it.because Allah knows what weve thinking and if it is negative thinking,hope AlLah wont test us with it..the key is:be positive either it is + or -.wallahualam

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

nurul, thx for the advise ;) really appreciate it..u give me the motivation