Friday, June 18, 2010

Steps to Minimalism #1: Clean up your workstation

Since few months ago, my hubby love to share about the topic of minimalist. He loves to relate to things or our activity with the principle of minimalist. Yes, he's a great Minimalist I've ever met :p. Minimalist is about The Practice of Simplicity. Sound simple, but it does require patience and persistence to do it.

Despite that I agreed with him, I do have my own opinion to certain things and I do have some 'wants' that I wish to accomplish :) But overall, we have the same understanding.
He started practicing his formal minimalist activity since last 2 months. He has achieved 'removing clutters' in our house which covers:
1) Clean up toys cabinet. All unwanted/malfunction toys has been thrown away. So kids can have better access to only quality toys.
2) Clean up wardrobe cabinet. All unused attires have been donated and few items thrown away. The rule here is you don't need the clothes that are not used for 3-4 months. So donate it. I'm quite agree to this especially to the my unused Tudungs but personally i feel that Maternity apparel is totally not applicable. ( unless u have decided to stop your quota :p)

As for me, time permits me to achieve my small step towards being minimalist yesterday : Clean Up My Workstation ( to some people, it has become habit right and I totally impressed hihi)

Steps taken as below:
1) Sort all papers, documents etc
2) Donate / throw all the unused items. In my case, I don;t have anything to be donated so I just throw all
3) Stop the pile from growing again. Try to avoid printing some documents, whereby we can just read in PC.
4) Clean up and organize again perhaps once per month. ( Can I do this next month ? )

My workstation before the 5S activity

My workstation after the 5S activity . Nothing significant kan? huhu

But at least i managed to clean up my tray and throw many unnecessary documents

My next minimalism project will be : Clean up my Office Cabinets by EOM. ( pic below). U all boleh pengsan tengok isi dalam dia :p

This a good project to curb my swing mood kan? :)


eLLe said... Reply To This Comment

kemasnyee farra...kite punye tempat cam tongkang pecah je..ahahahha..

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

shell, u shud do that too :)