Sunday, July 5, 2009


2 parcels has safely arrived :
1) Hanger with clips purchased online for my Tudung DIY. Will share later the pic when I've organize all tudungs with the hanger occay.
2) One Drop Perfume set 3 from Yan. Of course it's FOC due to the Contest Seiras Wajah ;)

I'm waiting for another 1 more parcel. Hopefully it's gonna be my final online shopping before I deliver :D
June Birthday Gals Celebration @ office. Happy Birthday Kak Ina & Kak Maz ;) Puas makan kek SR 2 minggu berturut. Hehe

I couldn't believe that today I'm settling my 3 outstanding office's task. 2 already completed, another 1 maybe tonightla...Bosan..sebenarnya I hate bringing the office's task back home..tapi nak wat cemana, I'll be away from office for 4 days to a attend a training. No choice la...

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