Friday, December 12, 2008

The lists

Done this week:
1) Submitted EPF form to maintain 11% contribution. Do you still thinking about it? Read this article to help u!
2) Booking @ Bukit Merah Resort as we got 4 free tickets (worth about almost RM100 for 4 pax ) to the waterparks! It's gonna be our end year and frugal holiday :D
To do this weekend:
1) Buy digital camera maybe tomorrow @ Lowyat. Then, bring kiddies to free waterpark at KLCC. My kids really love it! :p I do enjoy this frugal weekend outing.
2) DIY Tudung Ekin projects inspired by Mektwain. I already got kain jersey which was bought by my Nisastore customer who turned to a friend of mine. Thanks ya Sis Nor.
BTW, my parents and my sister is currently on holiday at pelambang for one week. Jelesnyerrr

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