Monday, June 11, 2007

190E baby benz in blue

Saturday, we went to Ajon's kenduri @Sg Petani. The journey took about 5 hours. His parent's house is very near to my BIL house, Mie &Yati. We stopped at their house first to change the kid's diapers and perform solat before makan-makan @ Ajon's kenduri.

We spent the night at my mertua house in Kulim. Sunday morning, we just lepak-lepak with the family. We start our home journey after Solat Zuhur. The raining was very heavy wehen we start queuing after the northern tunnel. About 1-2 km before the Tol Jelapang, we met an accident. We hit one car in front and one Perdana hit the back. There were 4 cars involved in the accident; Accord, Wira, Merc 190e (our car) and the Perdana. According to the Accord's driver there was a Unser from left lane suddenly changing lane to the right side. Then the Accord was breaking very hard. That's how the accident start. Mus'ab was sitting beside Abang, while Mawaddah was sleeping with me at the back. I saw Abang was also breaking very hard, sampai habis gitu..but the car still didn't stop. The wira's driver also experienced the same thing. Maybe the road was very slippery. My kids tercampak and they got some lebam. Alhamdulillah, nobody injured. I was very relieved. I just got tangan terseliuh not very major.

We don't have any family's members in Ipoh. So, Abang did get assistance from his Mybenz kroni. The KL kroni gave CCTan number who stayed in Ipoh. He came to us, drove all of us to IPD Ipoh for making Police Report. We moved all our stuffs in his C200. He was very helpful. This is the first time that Abang met him, but he help like we have known for years!! Mybenz community & relationship really amazed me. Yess Mybenz are great! Bro CC Tan had accompanied Abang from 4.30pm until 9.30pm. Thanks a lot Bro CC Tan. Click here for Abang's remark in Mybenz.

Then, my parents from KL arrived about 8pm. We settled everything in IPD, moved our stuffs from Bro CCtan's car to my parent's car, have dinner in nearby stall, and left Ipoh about 10.10pm. Mus'ab keep asking our 190e. "Ayah, ane kete? ane kete?" Sayang gile dia kat kete tu. We stopped at Behrang R&R to perform solat jamak takhir & qasar, and finally arrived Kepong @ 1.30am. It's very hard for me to sleep last night, maybe because of this tragic experience. Anyhow, Abang & I got MC today, so that we can rest and settle few things with Polis, Workshop & Insurance Co. Until today, Mus'ab keep asking the same question when he only saw my Proton Saga park in the house. Ooh our baby benz, how was ur night in the clinic? hope that workshop staffs treat u very well! Catch some picture of the tragedy.

Not to forget, very sorry to Ifah & Sikulat. I have to cancel this week's order to recover my arm & sendi2nyer :) Insyallah, Smiley Cakes will start the operation this Sunday. Thanks Allah syukur alhamdulillah.


yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

syukur korang takde major injury..skang hujan lebat je every ptg...kl sampai banjir.

take care!

siku|at said... Reply To This Comment

alamak.. tak boleh ke fara, uhuhu. Terpakse cakap kensel kat nursery.. waa.. waaa.. anyway tq.