Wednesday, March 21, 2007

1st baking class

How do i feel now after attending my 1st baking class on last Sunday?. Frustration and dissatisfaction actually. I was paying RM60 for 3 hours but in actual the class stopped very early for 50 minutes. It was stopped early because the instructor didn’t show us how to decorate the Carrot Moist Cake. I was actually very interested to know how to do the baby carrot on top of the Cake after laying the cream cheese topping on it. RM60 covers three types of cakes: Carrot Moist Cake, Peace Cream Cheese Cake and Black Forest Cake. Can you guess which cake that I would like to try this weekend for Mawaddah birthday? ;)

What the PPIM book said is really true. Some of the cake sold in the market has been added up of non halal ingredients. Because of I am the only muslim in the class, so they need to omit Kirsh ( a type of Liquor) in the Black Forest Cake. Thanks for respecting me as a muslim. The instructor said the rest should use Kirsh because the Cake would taste different and more delicious. Instead of Kirsh, we can use Dark Pitted Cherry Syrup , that also one of the ingre for the cake.

Same like Peach Cream Cheese, they use Gelatin. The Gelatin has normal halal logo, but I was having a very doubtful feeling. I only used Gelatin from Halalgel. I cannot trust other brand so far. As Carrot Moist Cake, they all used halal ingre.
So, be careful when you want to buy cake for any shop. Or you can order the cake from me in future :p

I think I’m not going to join the next baking class with the same provider. I’ve been searching a few classes thru Internet, and finally I think I’ve found the better one. Maybe kot. The cost is RM550 for 4 sessions. I heard that we’ll be getting bonus very soon. I will take some to pay the fees and the rest will be top up in TH account. Insyallah will register for May class as Abang is not at home in April for 10 days. Huk huk. April gonna be my Curtain Sewing Month la kot.

Last night I managed to visit my friend’s baby, Ogy who is currently being warded in Damai. The baby is having virus infection in lung. Yesterday, she look better and hope she will recover very soon. Coincidently, I also met Yani there. We were having interesting chit chat but time was so limited, our baby being restless and we just met in short time.

Congrate to Hani for having their 3rd kid, a cutie baby girl last night. Yesterday evening about 6.20pm, I just met her near the pantry while I was walking over the pantry to get my expressed BM. She’s my neighbor in our level . I asked her EDD, and she said will be on 28 March. But knowing her, she always deliver early. So I just said “ Mesti esok atau takpon malam ni la Hani bersalin sebab baby tu nak sama tarikh besday ngan Mawaddah” What a coincident, the baby was born on the same date with Mawaddah, 20 March. Boleh jadi kawan baik eh? I guess you were having such a fast and easy labor ek. Another coincident that we have is actually, Mus’ab’s birthday is on the same date as Hani Hubby (Hire) birthday. Anyone going to visit Hani today?


Wadee & Ain said... Reply To This Comment

Wah..lepas ni boleh la merasa kek carrot moist eh!!Akak dah enroll nama untuk cake decoration class,tapi cake shop tu tak panggil2 pun bila kelasnye..

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

boleh aje kak
mahal tak klass tu? apa nama company? kat KL ni ade a few classes sume RM400++ above fees die

suriati said... Reply To This Comment

wah bagus betul lah..
saya pun tengah semangat nak decorate kek jugak. Baru try-try decorate atas cup cakes ...

aida said... Reply To This Comment

tahniah hani, aku pulak tunggu hari.. tak sempat nak gi tgk, dah sarat perut ni

Hany FF said... Reply To This Comment

rajin tu pn farrah nih. takper la,lepas ni nak buat besday cake tempah dgn farra. takpun farra wat kelas la kat kami.
home-made cake...baru selamat kan?!

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

tak le rajin sgt..suke2 aje
begitu la gamaknya..all home made
tadela keraguan ;)

adriyani said... Reply To This Comment

Farah... kalau nak tau kan.. yanie kat umah masak pun idak.. inikan nak buat kek plak... kekekke gigih la farah nie.. I'm impressed...