Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: Jeju Feel House

Since today I got 2 calls regarding  holiday information @  Jeju, I wish to share about the accommodation. We stayed in 2 different house during the 5N @ Jeju. I highly recommending Jeju Feel House especially for those travelling with families or even with big group.

Very affordable - I pay KRW70,000= RM213 per night for a room. We can sleep comfortably .
We-> 3 adults & 4 children age 10,8,5 & 3. 
Even cheaper from KL's rate! Alhamdulillah. Owner tu tak berkira actually. Another house that we stayed in Seogwipo quite calculative, I mean we need to pay based on numbers of guests.

 So if you travel in group, book faster since they have only around 8-10 rooms only. We occupied 6 rooms in total.

However distance from city is around 20 minutes drive. If you have your own transport, this is not a big matter.  For big family renting a car is highly recommended.

They have enough facilities especially kitchenette! We can prepared our meal without failed everyday. I enjoyed cooking the fresh veggies and fish from Jungmun market. Tekak dah tak boleh telan makanan dalam tin! kihkih. They prepared extra futon mats and we can sleep tidily throughout the night :). We are not sure about the laundry. But we had our own self service laundry at the Jeju City. Sangat mudah.

 The bed setting inside

 See the wind strong going inside our house :)

Kitchenette. Lengkap mmg puas hati. You need to ensure all equipment is cleaned up and arranged back to the original position before check out ya.

Dining table

Ikan fresh dr Jungmun market 

Sayur-sayuran segar Jeju. Cendawan tu best sgtttt!

Cuci baju di sini :) The was a generous ahjussi helped us to operate the machine since the language is in all Korean!

Located very near to Hamdeok Beach. The surrounding is so peaceful. Our balcony mengadap ladang bawang & laut.

View from our Balcony. Peaceful indeed. Pokok2 bawang tau kat bwh tu

Nice garden of Jeju Feel House 

Last but not least, you can actually just stay here during your Jeju's holiday. 
Tak perlu tukar2 rumah buat penat je :)


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seronoknya kak mieja tengok:)

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hehe sonok kak