Monday, November 10, 2014

Redeem Airasia ticket flight with points: worth or not?

Assalam kawan-kawan,

Sekarang ni kan Airasia tengah buat promo FREE SEATS so mesti uol sibuk book tiket kan.

Being an Airasia Big member, we were given one day early access to any Airasia special promo booking. Just wanna share my experience on the ticket flight redemption.

This is my 2nd time redemption. The first redemption was about one year ago. 0 redemption for Jakarta and Bandung so in summary tax & service charge is only RM102 per pax.

Ok berbalik to this 2nd time redemption, this time I redeemed Melbourne. I actually didn't sure if the redemption is worth or not. As I have foretasted that AA will run promo by this Nov looking at the past year trend), so I did prepare with more points before promo. I converted Mesra Petronas and Maybank Treatspoints into Airasia Big points, total 4,300 points.  Kudos to the merchants, conversion took just within 24 hrs!

As shown below, the points required is 5900 per way. So meaning with my 13000 points I can get 1 ticket return using points. But of course need to pay the service charge and tax.

How much did I pay?

Total tix for 6 pax: RM3,998
Minus 13000 points = RM3926.81
Total Savings : RM71.19=13,000 Airasia big points

So what do you think guys? Is this worth letting go 13000 points for the RM71.19 savings? I do agree with some traveler said that THIS IS TOTALLY NOT WORTH! hahaha

But from my own perspective, this is my general feedback:
i. Money : WORTH. Worth to get the early birds price, as we know price could start to increase the next following days
ii. Time: WORTH as you have priority on one day early booking. The booking is on Sunday noght, so you don't have to bear your panda eyes on working day ( Monday)
iii: Points redemption: 13K for RM71 is NOT WORTH I guess hehe

Lesson learn?

1-day early access to Airasia promo is deem CRUCIAL for me . I will always looking forward to book via AirAsia Big :) So traveler, let's kita mengumpul points Airasia Big lagi hehe. I think it's ok to use the points.

Easy ways to earns Big Points using Big Visa Debit Card

1. Shopping online or at any merchants / shopping mall ie Aeon, Jusco etc
2. Hotel booking via
3. Bank - Maybank sebab boleh convert to Big point. There's also other bank ie cimb etc
4. Petrol - Petronas

Overall, I believe RM654/pax Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne return is damn cheap. If you compare with MAS the tix is around RM2.2K . Alhamdulillah. Thanks Airasia


Farikica said... Reply To This Comment

Yes farra..very cheap indeed... wah ke melbourne kite? I dok check2 krabi rm210 return n xi'an rm600+ return.. tp x booking pong...x sempat bz meeting rini..huhu...

Miss said... Reply To This Comment

melbourne le yek..best2.

Farra Da Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Farikica, insyallah nak ke NZ via Melbourne..setahun lg nak tunggu huwaaa! eh Xi'an tu le lg menarik dr krabi ;) book jgn tak book! hiks

Mis, nnti kite chit chat ya..byk nak tanyer ni!