Friday, June 20, 2014

Recommended mobile apps during travelling in Jeju & Seoul

Most people nowadays use smart phone right? So I highly recommend that you install these cool & useful mobile to ease your travelling in Jeju & Seoul. Furthermore, Internet at Korea is almost everywhere & the speed is super fast. Kudos South Korea!

1) Accuweather

You can check the whether in Seoul and Jeju and thus you can plan your itinerary properly. Or at least you can do minor adjustment kan? You must choose the outdoor activities like Seongsan during sunny day. During rainy day, maybe you choose indoor activity like Museum. 

2) Qibla Compass

No need to explain I guess, you must know the usage hehe

3) Subway Navigation 

 You really need to know which metro line that you suppose to take. Korea's metro lines is quite complicated but with this apps it really help us. 

4) Google Translate 

I used this app during negotiation at the market. hehe. Just type " discount please", then it will pronounce the sentence. It can translate english to korean and vice versa.
However, you must know basic korean language like greetings " Hello", "Bye", " Thank You" " Where is toilet". rugi la pergi korea tatau langsung bahasa sinun. You can easily build rapport by knowing little korean language hehe 


y@tipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

byk dpt diskaun tak? kt namdaemun nego utk semah. ..panggil ahjussi tu oppa..suke dia!

LiTtLe^m3 said... Reply To This Comment

Tunggu kak yati reveal brg shopping dia. This time terkejut sikit sbb kak farah byk shopping :D

y@tipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

k.fara upgrade jd personal shopper skincare jgn memain :)

Farra Da Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Dapatla jugak diskaun
Baiti, best btol jd personal shopper skincare ! Heheh..brg shopping? Tungguuuu kiki