Monday, May 20, 2013

My first sewing machine

I recently contemplating between to buy  handphone ( my current Samsung Galaxy W lately got performance issue ; slowness & hang ) or buying a sewing machine so that I can start the sewing activities again.

Finally.......I've settled my decision. Welcome on board our new housemate : NV-50, computerized sewing machine. .Alhamdulillah

Hubby commented that he glad that I opt for sewing machine instead of handphone : D. I'm so excited to try it out this Friday. My first sewing project will be the kids' curtain.


LiTtLe^m3 said... Reply To This Comment

wahhh.. gigih dh ada sewing machine kaedahnya... selamat menjahit.. semoga tabah hati utk menjahit selalu :D

y@tipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

ko bli mesin jahit..aku bli cross trainer haha...lets indulge in our new-found hobby yeay!!

Nieza Ishak said... Reply To This Comment

bestnyaaa ...
Nieza masih tunggu permission husband nak beli... huhuhu.

Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Baiti, tq adik..i don't expect perkata ' selalu'..I kan amatur..and jahit bila free

Yati, owh hak ko tu bukan's wajib gak utk ku..cuma aku aerobik ikut youtube je wakakka

Nieza, owh yer..hubby ku allow je sbb duitku ekekke

achik said... Reply To This Comment
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achik said... Reply To This Comment

brape rm ni farra beli mesin jait ni??nk cari2 slalu tergantung je lps smngt nk bli hehe..