Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Curtain for Mawaddah's room

It may look like a simple curtain. But for an amateur like me, it's took a great effort actually to kick-off my DIY curtain project ehehe.

First of all, I need to settle down the place where I will spend the time sewing at my own sweet time :D. Here we go ~ my mini sewing corner

The desk cost RM120+- ( can't remember the exact $) while the drawer is RM132. Both from Ikea.

That's Brother NV-50 in action! Computerized with Auto needle threader

 Mawaddah's room before ..

An after the 'Minnie Mouse' - themed curtain is hang on the curtain rail.. 

It has 2 layers..
Alhamdulillah Mwaddah love it. 
And this weekend project will be the 2nd curtain, for Mus'ab's room.


Fizah said... Reply To This Comment

ceria warna langsir pink tuh =)

LiTtLe^m3 said... Reply To This Comment

gigih.. kagum kot... wow! tak tau nk ckp apa dah...