Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fly owh Fly my Kite !

Other than going to Uwan's house or Iqra's class, last Saturday was Mus'ab first outing. First, we had Studio Photo shoot session in conjunction with our 10th anniversary [Jan next yr] , then to Majlis Aqiqah and last agenda was flying Kite in Taman Metropolitan Kepong.

Taman Metropolitan Kepong is about 1km from our house but we hardly go there. I decided to go there anyway even hubby initially insisted to go home. Kids of course on my side. For real, we were there last Sat to fly the kite!

This kite cost me RM7. There are selling various type of kites comes in many size. design, color and cartoon brand.

My children were so excited to fly the kite! 

After several attempts of flying the kite..they just able to get the kite fly for few minutes..gradually getting tired. They've experienced how difficult to make the kite fly. Waddah comment " Mama..lain kali kita main kat playground aje la" ahhah..It's ok gal..btw we had a meaningful, frugal and healthy outing right?

This park is quite large, no admission fees..other than this activity you can picnic, walking or jogging or just spending time at the playground. It's a must place to visit with the whole family! Datang jangan tak datang :)

Hubby is currently on oversea business trip since yesterday till Saturday...missing u abg...sobs

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Zuraimah Ismail said... Reply To This Comment

owh dah lama x bawa anak2 p main kite...tapak kite yg lama telah ditutup, kene cari tapak baru nampaknya sebelum kite2 yg ada hanya tinggal kite2 yg bakal menjadi teman tong sampah....