Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Felda Residence Hotspring Sg Klah

The journey to Hotspring Sg Klah took around 1 hr and 30/45 min from KL. You have to take exit 'Sungkai' to reach the resort. The resort is a bit far from the main road. We even get confused ,  thus I've called my officemate to confirm the route taken is correct.

I initially booked Felda Residence Trolak with deposit of RM10.90 because Hotspring Sg Klah was fully booked last month [according to the website]. The day when we had our main event ( Family Day ) at Hotspring Sg Klah, few rooms available due to cancellation by other guests. We were so lucky to get a deluxe room at rate of RM220 ( weekend rate). I then just called Trolak to cancel my booking and ensure they won't charge my Credit Card.  

At rate of RM220, we get a deluxe room, 2 tix to hotspring for 2 days and 2 breakfast [ psstt..I didn't buy enough extra tix and they didn't check pon our wristband :) ]. The room is clean, new, good facilities and quite big enough to cater 6 of us. They provided extra pillow and bed inside the wardrobe.

among the facilities: sejadah, king size bed, fridge, tv, iron, hair dryer etc..

The hotspring and swimming pool just few minutes walk from the resort. No foods is allowed in the hotspring. You can buy and boil the eggs in the hotspring. We love the main hot pool compared to the big swimming pool because it's less crowded than the bigger pool.

This is the big swimming pool...there's 2 sections: for kids and adult, a bit deeper. 

They have quite numbers of hot pool with different temperatures.

This is among the hottest! dangerous ok..few frogs found dead on the hot hubby said, we all mandi air katak..erk..lebih 2 kolah tauuu..huhu

We tried hot pool 30-35 C & 40-45!

Hubby & me..

This is the main hot pool..less crowded and I eventually able to swim in this pool...btol tauuu ..suke sgt! sampai boleh plak my contact lense dislocate kat mata sbb terjun ganaih :D

Our chalet no 112

Palm Trees around the resort makes the ambiance was so refreshing and green! 

Enjoy the fresh and green scenery & fresh air in front of our calm & peaceful

Overall, I would like to give 5 star for this short vacation! Highly recommended for family gateway.

And other useful info:

  • You can rent bicycle here
  • There's a nearest restaurant near to entrance of the resort, price affordable.
  • If you opt not to stay here just buy entrance tix to hotspring and they have separate entrance to hotspring 
  • The hotspring is a bit bigger than Poring Hotspring that we visited last in KK in Sept
  • The breakfast is just average.
  • Celcom coverage quite bad 


Ina Hashim said... Reply To This Comment

akak pegi waktu family day company 2 years back kut...tapi sangat annoying bila kt big swimmping pool tuh x henti2 announcement n warnings ttg ini dan itu....memekak sangat rasanya.....siap dari jauh dah buat public announcement 'kakak baju biru seluar hitam,sila tanggalkan slipar anda di sekitar kawasan pool' cthnya...bingit sgt

Ummu Auni said... Reply To This Comment

cam best betul!

CT said... Reply To This Comment

cam best....hmm boleh dimasuk senarai cuti2 tahun depan la gini...

Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Kak Ina..apa yg die tegur tu benda btol I think shud be ok :)

Eni & kak Ct,not

Sharinginfoz said... Reply To This Comment

seronok betul pi jalan-jalan

eLLe said... Reply To This Comment

oo kite aritu plan nak g sini since satu mlm je ade, very short getaway trip, so go pullman instead..jimat tang minyak n gune rate TM, so lebih kurang je belanje nye juz less time on road :)

maybe next time bleh p sini :)

ijjah said... Reply To This Comment

Kalau jalan terus lagi melepasi hotspring akan jumpe dgn air terjun...lalu kampung org asli sume...dicadangkan sampai before 12pm supaya dpt parking n port yg sewsuai...but kalo g sini kene bwkla bekalan piknik/khemah nk tuka baju sbb mmg tade kemudahan etc.kire back to nature la....

ijjah said... Reply To This Comment

Bess kan g hotspring. Horus repeat bila balik kg nnt nie. :)

Kalo nak mandi air sungai (ala2 back to nature), jln terus melepasi hotspring, lalu kg org asli (jln kecik,muat satu kereta). Mmg sejuk n nyaman.penah g tahun 2011 dulu.kene bwk mknan n khemah nak tuka baju sbb mmg tade pepe kemudahan/ gerai.ade kawasan lapang utk parking je.baguih kalo sampai awal ie be4 11am,dpt la cari port picnic. Airnya bhgn tepi x dlm n x deras pon.but beware bhgn tghnya,sesuai utk dewasa yg bole berenang.