Sunday, April 8, 2012

Q1 birthday celebration @ PASTI

The invitation was sent to us on last Wed and we RSVP 'OK'. We didn't have to bring anything. It's another wonderful event that organized by PASTI, the first time they organized such event ' group birthday celebration' for students born from Jan till April. Mawaddah one of the them.

The agendas for 2 hours events was nyanyian nasyid, birthday song, games & makan-makan. Kek ada 4 in total. I guess some parents bring the cakes too.

Masa games, Mawaddah sengaja pegang kotak beracun lama-lama, so that she can performed in front of audience. She got another prize for the performance beside the 'birthday gift'. She's my brave daughter, and also the tallest among the girl students.

Next to Mawaddah is Yaya, her best friend. last year Yaya no -1, Waddah no-2. 

Thanks to all teachers for making it such wonderful event for the student. My kids enjoyed the moment especially Mawaddah because we never had celebration in nursery nor the kindy for all my kids.


Atah Rashid said... Reply To This Comment

Waddah ikut gen akak kot. Tinggi. Hehehe.

Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Atikah, gen mak bapak ni..belah hubby akak sume tinggi2 hehe