Wednesday, June 10, 2009

32 weeks pregnant!

My original EDD : 10 Aug 09. I'm still stick on it whenever people ask especially colleagues and bosses.

My lil boy ~scanned on 12 May 09.
My lil boy ~scanned yesterday, 9 June 09.
Based on this latest measurement, the EDD is moved forward approximately 3rd Aug 09. The head already in downward position. I still pray that I will be delivered at least on final week of July 09 / 1 st wk Aug 09. Baby, I know you are a good boy. There are still few things to do before confinement commence.

Yesterday, doctor took again blood to check on hemoglobin level,Thalassemia and sugar level. This due to my last blood test shown my hemo 9.9 ( normal 11.5), relative diagnosed Thalassemia ( which is Abir) and this check up i gained 5kg! --> no wonder I walk slower hehe. Nak insaf makan Donut beb!!!! ihiks

2 weeks school holidays is very stressful for me. Only 1 day leave approved. The rest rejected. I even let the tears out few times in front of my laptop at my own cubical. Working in Customer Service is like 'on call' doctor. Other peoples on MC/ Holidays and I've to sacrifice mine for the company since I'm healthy compared to other friends, alhamdulillah! Thanks Allah.

BTW, I've called Dr I for appointment. It seems that her schedule also very packed. The only available date is on next week Thurs in which the same day I'm required to attend important meeting @ TTDI. I'm going to nego with boss since Pantai Hospital is just near to the office. In add, the doctor's assistance shocked when I said this is my first appointment at Hospital + I dont have any medical record there + 32 weeks pregnant!

So other mommies, bila dah 28 weeks tu pergi la cepat2 ke spital okeyyyy ;)

This week target to pack the hospital beg okeyyy.


CT said... Reply To This Comment

moga sihat dan selamat sehingga baby keluar take care n dont stress sgt ya

ShaFiAti said... Reply To This Comment

heheh..already decided??
pantai medical center yer?
hopefully cepat la baby kuar what mama requested...:)

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

k.ct~tq tq :D berjaya 1st appointment kat Pantai nanti kan ku update! ihiks

Ummu Auni Afif said... Reply To This Comment

erk dah beranak sms/calling2 tau
boleh aku ziarah di pantai :D

Nur Suraya said... Reply To This Comment

Surprise la pulak, baby nak kuar. Kita yg bukan mengandung pulak rasa berdebar, inikan pula empunya diri. Semoga semuanya selamat. Amin.

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

eni~insyallah :D

su~maunya tak cuakssss