Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Training Review: Handling Difficult Customers

Kursus ni for me is 100% related with my area whether in TM or PM. I enjoy those training which relates to Customers.

This course is interactive where we have the role play..love it as we can appply directly what we have learnt. Of course dealing with difficult customers is a good way to train us become more tolerance and patience.

But bear in mind this course is actually suitable to all because the internal stakholders arround you can also deem as customer. right? BTW, if I were called for any training, I will definitely utilised the time at optimum level because this is where we are stress free from office's workload, can expose ourselve and try anything with frank feedback from the trainer.

Another best thing, we have a pro photographer, Bro Zaki. Credit to you Bro!

Gambar kumpulan

I'm not feeling very well since last Sun. Dedar-dedar + pening+ letih but still work sinceI was out from office for 5 days last week. I was selected to the workshop at Langkawi next week & have requested not to go there ;) Alhamdulillah, my bos granted my wish. Tomorrow workshop wajib la dekat jek at Sime Darby CC. I'm away again!

Farracheesecake no longer in subscription ok!!! When I activate my baking acivity, sure will back to the old home, SmileyCakes. For sure now, I only focus in TM & PM. SmileyCakes on long holiday loorrr.

BTW, Exora dah gi tgk aa last week, just before we fly over to Langkawi. Ganas gila ramai org tgkkkk

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