Thursday, April 2, 2009

Domain?? .....Books hunting!


Mesra Hosting have requested for the renewal payment for FarraCheesecake. Frankly speaking I don't have the plan to maintain this domain and would like to return to SmileyCakes (rindu aa kat blog lama ni..byk nostalgia). Since baking is not in my daily's agenda nowadays , I don't have reason to continue it. But still..I will always bake whenever I have time and courage to do it. For BijakRinggit, I've no objection & of course will continue to renew the subscription every year ;) . It's my passion . It close to my heart.

For month of March 2009, I complete reading these 2 books:

1] The Art of Closing The Sale by Brian Tracy

Everyone in Sales in whatever area ( enterprise, unit trust, real estate agent, insurance agent etc) should have this book. I say it's a MUST! I'm really amazed with Brain Tracy and almost all of his CD Audio set also already in my PC ;)

2] Mega Selling: Secrets of a Master Salesman by David Cowper, Andrew Haynes, Donald Cowper

An insurance agent must have this book! David started with no sales for 2 months after signing up as agent but then closed mega insurance clients ( CEO, corporate and above)on3rd month onwards. It doesn't stop there..his sales grow like heaven.

My next book hunting to increase my knowledge and also to get tax redemption ( RM1K , don't forget this number) as below:

1) Personal Money magazine from TheEdge at only RM75.60 a year ( murah kan). I've paid and submitted my order to The Egde today.

2) The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy. ( again?? eh why not? ). I think I want to purchase online from MPH.

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