Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breaking news! KLCI improve!

Bursa extends rise!! Check this out! .
The KL Composite Index advanced 8.97points, or almost 1% to 950.38 points as at 3.41pm, to extend its unbeaten run to a fourth day in a row.
Every economic crisis create new wealth. This is the good time to enter the market. Market start to rebound. Don't wait until the unit price is higher and discount is getting lesser. Some movement that I tracked:
  • 3/4/09 closed at 907.01.
  • 9/4/09 KLCI closed at 916.73.
  • Today closed at 953.71
I'm glad to see my client investment growing in just 2 months even though the distribution is yer to be declared by end of this month or by end of next month. They've invested when KLCI dropped at the lowest. It's approximately true what Warren Buffet says " Be greedy when other people are fear!"

The cash with me giving me dilemma whether to buy new car or buy more units :D ...besides the Standing Instruction is still going as usual.

Waduh , I need delivery service to send the forms with me right now.

Eh tetiba terselit gambar tudung baruku..nak melaram ke langkawi :p upahnya hanya RM15. sapa nak tempah, boleh tanyer!
Yang lagi 5 ni untuk dijual kat Nisastore. 1 dah sold today!

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