Monday, April 6, 2009

Abah & Emak gi umrah

I'm on MC today. It is my 2nd day MC since the first day of preggy. Nothing much serious, only headache and minor fever. I've taken 5 types of tablets & going to sleep after this. Kids are here..they know mom is not very well so they play by themselves and they can go to toilet by themselves. We already have big breakfast ( nasi lemak) that we bought at pasar pagi after we went to clinic . So nothing to be prepared after this in addition, there's no water supply from 10am-3pm today ( SYABAS has announced it earlier). Mus'ab can take Nestle Cornflakes before going to school.

I'm online for a while to transfer money to my beloved mom & dad. They are going for 3 weeks umrah insyallah this evening. Right after Mus'ab came back from school. I'm going to send AbahEmak to surau. The group will go to KLIA by bus.

Opps..need to set alarm @ 1pm to prepare Mus'ab in case I'm overslept.

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