Friday, December 5, 2008

I know what u did before Raya Haji!

It has been a week ++ from the last entry that I managed to update..

Life is OK perhaps a bit challenge: Our kids don't want to go to babysitter's house. They seem not so happy and everytime we wanted to send them ( most fo the time their father yg send) they insisted to stay in Atok/Wan's house. Therefore, my mom has been taking care of these 2 lil ones for more than 1 week. Yesterday, I forced my self and of course the kids to stay with babysitter since I have gals outing day :) with one hope; the kids start to love living there again when we are working.

The gals outing there has been realized eventhough only 4 womens manged to join: Farra, Yati, Juli (with lil Aisya) and Ijjah.

What I/we did:
1) I submitted clients investment forms @ PM, Damansara
2) Bowling and chit chatting ( I already have breakfast bihun goreng @ home). Bowling is a birthday gift for me from me too :p dah lama mengidam maa..I'm 28 YO last Sat
3) Lunch hour ( with the lousy customer service from Nando's!, next time tempat lain la ek)
4) Shopping ( this is not my main agenda, therefore I only bought a pair of new shoes @ 50% discount + books @ MPH for RM67). Met Ekin with her twin in JJ, but camera with Yati..tak sempat la nak tangkap gambar. Cantik la depa tu

Pic courtesy from Yati. Thanks a lot!

For the next activity, I'm thinking:

1) Picnic + pot luck from each familiy. Let's name any waterfall/picnic place that is safe for children!
2) Snorkerling? wow! --> pulau perhentian??
3) Overseas trip. GC ke yati? erk..I'm frugal!



eLLe said... Reply To This Comment

farra...eppi belated besday..huhuhu..

best erk korang bergumbira..even berempat pon sure byk nak diceritakann..lain kali harapnya bleh join..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha...

CT said... Reply To This Comment

Happy belated birthday Farra...
bestnye gals outing...lama dah x buat with my kroni..:)

sikulat said... Reply To This Comment

Heppi belated birthday farra...alahai dah tue2 nih.. tak keep track dah birthday sume orang.. tau tau.. nak 29 dah next year.. uhh uhh

uhuhuhu.. nak ikut pegi outing.. plan asal ari tuh ada masuk name, tapi since next week nak cuti panjang.. banyak btol agenda bos arrange minggu nih.... huk huk..

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

shell, kak siti & semah~ thanks a time jom join gals outing ok ? sakit satu badan main bowling heheh

Afidalina Tumian said... Reply To This Comment

ala besnye.. tgk sume mummy2 vogue nih.. cepatla ini phd, nnt bolehla jumpa korang2 selalu!!!

ieka said... Reply To This Comment

eppi belated birthday fara.. :)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

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