Monday, November 3, 2008

Raya closing

1) Last Saturday we went to the final Open House of this year i guess..2 houses : Kak Fariza and Rashid's house. At Rashid's house we were served with Pakistan food. I also get to know new friends from Pakistanese community. We reached home @ 10.10pm!

2) Yesterday was a hectic day. We went to one kenduri kahwin. Then I started making Pau Kaca Merah ( all home made including the filling) and baking 3 Choc Moist Cake for Iman's Birthday. Sorry cannot share any pictures as the digicam is officially malfunction since Sat.

Since I'm going to Jogja another 3 weeks..I'm now considering to buy new DigiCam even though it's hard to use the money for this gadget since I was thinking to buy additional Unit Trust inspired from Warren Buffet :D. Huhu..he invested in 8B in GE and Goldman Sach.

Friends..check out my sharing "Be greedy when others are fearful, be fearful when others are greedy". I would say that this is a very good time for you to start with an investment Unit Trust account because the unit's price is cheap and Public Mutual is now offering only 5% service charge ( instead of 5.5%) for limited time only: 3 Nov - 3 Dec 08. Note tha service charge for investmnet thru EPF is still at 3% rate!

Btw..enjoy some pics before the cam kong last week:

Singgah beraya kat rumah Zila.

Jgn tertipu, ini bukan Zoo. Semasa kami beraya di rumah makcik Saadiah, keluarga mereka membela 3 ekor burung unta di depan rumah! Mus'ab excited, Mawaddah takut!!

Kenduri kahwin di Masjid Wilayah

Di Masjid Wilayah lagi..

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