Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Away from office

I'm currently away from the office for 2 days attending a course in MMC. Every participant was given this book and I just start reading it. It seems interesting in the beginning..will share the gist later ok.

If you want to get this from MPH, it cost you RM44.90. The price label is still attached to the book. BTW, we got it FOC ( from our own pocket money) but of course the company bare the cost ler :p

Met lots of friends in this course..syokler..like Along, Hani, Ika, Azmah, Mizi, Azreen, Junita, Wani. I'm also in the midst of collecting new cookies recipe for kuih raya this year. Can't refuse myself from buying magazines like Rasa, Saji dll. I enjoy..this is my passion ..baking & unit trust


Ummu Auni said... Reply To This Comment

yang, bear la bukan bare :D

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

haha..thanks...malas nak tukar la hihi