Thursday, June 19, 2008

Burn out

These 2 weeks was so crazy. Everyday I would reach home at 8pm or 8.30 pm. The worst was yesterday because the moment I reached home at 10.15pm, the kids already fall asleep.

My workload is mounting. The moment I’m working hard to produce one result/initiative, I have to attend so many meetings that the big boss says I was the most suitable candidate to attend. Most of the seniors Managers say 24 hours per day is not enough since working in this division. My direct bosses currently on long medical leave. That’s why there’s a lots of work I have to cover for my unit. Every email to her, will get the response ..”Pls contact xxxxxx xxxx”. huhhhhhhhhhh

I'm stressful. I need rest. I need holiday. I’m working so hard for the company but I still get the G22’s salary.

At this moment, I’ve stopped taking any caffeine from tea or coffee. I would rather drink oat every morning to keep my body and mind stay healthy, energetic and positive!! :p Anyway, I’m crazy of oat right now.. what a good habit that I have kan? Ehehe


Nur Suraya said... Reply To This Comment

Ala... siannya Farra... nak kata 'teraniaya' dah nasib org makan gaji kan... doa byk2... kata org doa org teraniaya mudah makbul..
Wah.. makan oat... :) To share as for me.. now dah hari kedua start balik menu zaman turunkan weight dulu.. (berjaya lost 10kg in 4 mths) bawak bekal sup sayur & buah-buahan ke office... also amik biskut jacobs high fiber... rasa lebih healthy now coz it will improve digestion and buang toxin dlm badan :)

Ummu Auni said... Reply To This Comment

farra, eh, you're sitting at G@4's post, but still getting G22's salary? surprised more like it. aku ingat naik la paling koman G23 ke...

anyway, rezeki dpt jadi manager. dan niatkan nawaitu betul2 kerana Allah :). insya Allah :)

`Ain said... Reply To This Comment

mak aiiihh! letihnye keje sampai malam:( kene ambik multivitamin nak boost energy nampaknye.

takpe, weekend ni..qodho` masa dgn kids:)

hanis said... Reply To This Comment

sabar byk2x ye farra...
oat memang best....

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

Sue~wah ..bagusnya mkn all high fiber food..nampak gaya diriku pon boleh mantain badan ni ehehe

Aini~dah setahun lebih aku buat kerja macam ni.. anyway, semalam aku dah bagitau GM,aku gaji assist mgr G22, i want G23 asap, borang pon dh antar..coz I deserve it

Sis Ain~letih gile..petang semalam goal nak balik kui 5.30pm, tapi dapat lagi fatwa baru..buat kerja sampai 6.15pm tak boleh tahan balik gak..kui 8.30pm terus tidur letih sgt!

Hanis~tengah bertahan ni

yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

sabar and bertahan bebyk farra...esok lusa muncul la ganjarannyer tuh insya Allah.

tetiba aku rasa nk beli nestum kat JJ weekend nih :p Lama x minum hehe

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

i love nestum too..dulu pernah gile nestum gak..bila gila..everyday makan nestum :p

good for u & baby