Saturday, April 12, 2008


Yesterday, I took one day leave. The initial plan was actually :
1) Prepare breakfast & the kids and send to babysitter & PASTI
2) Meet 2 prospects
3) Deliver one cake to office
4) Go to KLIBF
5) Go to TH to deposit cash, update books and register Hajj.

The day end like this:
1) Prepared breakfast & the kids and send to babysitter & PASTI
2) Delivered one cake to office
3) Meet 6 prospects at 3 different locations
4) Went to Sumayya's Office to change 8 T shirts
5) Went TH and deposit cash, update books and register Hajj.
6) Went to CIMB Bank, Public Bank and Maybank
7) Went to Citibank & terminated my Credit Card
8) Went to Menara Maxis delivered 4 T shirts

The day was really exhausted. I reached home @ 7.30pm. As usual I still prepared the family's meal & having dinner about 9.15pm++.

The day was delightful because I made another Total Money Makeover for myself : Register Haj, Invest another 2K in PCIF since the price is really attractive ( last week invest 3K in PIEF), get rid off my Citibank Credit Card.

I'm now planning a strategy to attack another debt : my house mortgage. I love Dave Ramsey's strategy-The Debt Snowball.Upps, FYI, I still cannot terminate my Maybank Credit Card because I got 2 monthly easy payment schemes; both are Laptops which belong to my husband and my SIL.

I hope to go KLIBF tomorrow!

This afternoon, I made some research on Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese. Insyallah, I'm now confident the cheese is Halal because it's contain microbial rennet (non-animal) and are suitable for vegetarians. Another point, you can see the AFIC logo in the small package (250gm) of this cheese. And of course JAKIM certified AFIC.
Please read the following sources:
You can also read this site to know whether the Cheese we used to eat on Pizza/Bun/Pasta is made from animal (rennet) or non animal source.

While doing the research, I found this tempting recipe. Peanut Butter Cheesecake! I hope to try it in one month time ;)

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