Friday, April 25, 2008

Does your child have ADHD?

I think this quiz is quite helpful to parents who wanted to know whether their child is having ADHD. The evaluation is here.

I shall complete it tonight with my husband.

This is also a useful website.

Opps..quick tips when you are having a pay rise. Never increase you lifestyle, instead save the portion of the pay rise for your future. I enjoy doing that. Anyway, you can always increase your standard of living if you enjoy the instant gratification ;). Adam Khoo did mentioned this in his book. It's you choice big deal ;)

Have a nice weekend!


`Ain said... Reply To This Comment

dlm website tu ada mention,its in the, don`t take it personal when people gave bad remarks on our child hyperactiveness. abg wady and me were very2 hyperactive too anyway masa kecik.kalau jumpa sedara2 sekrg pun diorang mesti kata" dah jd orang pun si ain ni, dulu bukan main ligat dan kuat mengamuk." actually, my opinion, how parent deal with our child temperament.if we easily loss our temper, then thats what we model them too.we `re trying the best too.bykkan doa dan usaha.

::zuraimah:: said... Reply To This Comment

May Allah help u strong d way...rumah maya anda telah berubah wajah ek...nice