Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday story

1) Mus'sb was enrolled to PASTI yesterday morning. Total fees was RM414 and for monthly fees is RM60 (including meal) . We've paid RM 300 only and will pay the rest later. Hope Mus'ab can behave and follow the teacher's instruction.

PASTI uniform. Mus'ab is wearing size M. Price: RM35

4 years school books. I have to hide the books, otherwise kids ( especially adik) will damage it. 6 books all together.

May Allah bless us and Mus'ab. The class will commence on this coming Friday for 3.5 hours (8am-11.30am) . For sure, I'll be taking my one day leave. He will go to PASTI by his babysitter's car as their youngest daughter is also enrolling PASTI @ 5 yrs old.

2) While Abang is not around after Zohor until maghrib, I was buzy with preparing Carrot Muffin and then moving all items from the old kitchen cabinet to the room. The old cabinet will be broken up and replace with new table top. Most (90%) of the gadgets is yet to be used as we are waiting suitable cabinet to locate all of the items. Most of them are our wedding gifts except 3 Alfreso sets ( sape nak kasi beb , mahal!)

I shall resume the moving activity tomorrow. Plan to move the items from the store plak. Our kitchen + room renno will start by next week insyallah.


ummi said... Reply To This Comment

wah, Mus'ab dah ada uniform. dah big boy. jgn lupa update perkembangan dia sbb rasanya Mus'ab dengan Iman ni ada ciri2 dan masalah yang sama. boleh kita share experience

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

insyallah kak, kalau ikut tahun pon sebaya kan? cuma Mus'ab lahir awal 5 bulan dr Iman

yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

idlan pon dah masuk school..excited giler :p

anak2 kite dah besar huhuhu 4 taun dah! tp aku still rasa idlan baru 3taun hehe

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

yati, aku ni nak kata excited idak la sgt, kene tunggu sampai esok kot tgk emosi aku cemana

sikulat said... Reply To This Comment

hik hik.. anak-anak kite yang sebaya.. yahahahha.. sume dah masuk school ek..

puterikiut said... Reply To This Comment

wahh anak kiter sekolah PASTI same2 la farra.. dini pun kak nieta hantar PASTI blkg umah jer.. tapi dia tak dpt uniform lg sbb size S dah habis.. esok kak nieta cuti la nak standby in case dia nak balik ke ape ke.. almaklumla dia pun tak penah gi nursery.. hopefully ok la..

yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

aku tadela excited sgt..biasa je..idlan yg over excited..x sabar nk dgr citer dia ari ni hihi

tp aku rasa dah tua arghhh tidakkks

mardhiah12 said... Reply To This Comment

adui, anak aku sebaya korang
tapi tak masuk tadika lagi, camner ni?

mus`ab dah pandai baca ker?

yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

ala lek la aini...kitorang maybe peer influence kots haha

btw, idlan of course x reti baca lagi...kenal abcde jer ...and 123-10....kalo kaler, macam conteng caca marba, tader boundary whatsoever :p