Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hytex Sales

Hytex new year sales is back! It's now on until end of Jan 2008. This is the sales that I was waiting for so as other parents. I bet you , expecting mom will go crazy about it.

So, I got few items at very special price, very2 cheap.

Wide neck bottles : RM10 ( n.p RM13.90)
Wide bottle teats: RM3 (n.p RM7.90)
Small bottle teats: RM1 each
Tenderly baby bath & shampoo: Big bottle: RM2, Small RM1 ( senang nak bawak berjalan/balik kg)
(We need enough stock of baby teats as the kids love to damage it)

Mus'ab Disney jean: RM15 (n.p RM66.90)
Mus'ab 1 shirt + 3 pants American Athletics : RM 5 each equivalent to RM20 in total

3 Panties : RM2 each ( so cute, got many designs, I choose Pooh, Tweety and Mickey)
Power Puff Girl sock: RM3 (n.p RM8)

Tenderly's towel : RM 10
Sleeveless top for myself: RM10 (n.p RM49)

I got all these at RM69.00, went to Hytex alone as kids for sure may disturb my concentration in addition that there are many people especially Chinese customers crowding the factory area. ++ after Hytex I went to HOI buying my cake's ingredients stock ( my routine every Sat)

Other tempting offer are baby's gift set, baby's bed set, wet tissues, shoes (baby & kids), stroller ( about 6 types of stroller starting from RM50++)

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