Monday, December 10, 2007

Saturday we went to Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara as my department is having a bowling tournament. If not mistaken, the last time I play bowl maybe about 6 yrs ago. No wonder la my was score was among the lowest during the tournament. Hehehe. There were about 604 pax ++ joined the game. It was fun. I’m getting to know each of the new member where almost of them are from Internet/Streamyx group. With only RM10, we got the game, goodies bag, lucky draw (I never had the luck!), and lunch @ Dkayu Nasi Kandar. We only tapau the lunch as kids becoming restless when time is almost 1pm. The rest of the day, I just slept thru like penat gile main bowl hihihi.

Yesterday was a very productive day. Abang was not at home as having a new project discussion for bout 4 hours. I did all the housekeeping tasks: sweep the floor, fold the clothes, mop the floor downstairs and upstairs, clean 1 toilet. Ni pon ah cukup penat + sakit pinggang. Then Abang said he wanted to eat cake, I suggest King’s but he wanted the homemade one. So I find my own time to bake some more baby cheesecakes.

Right after zohor, we went to Nini’s wedding @ Selayang. Then Kak Zizah arrived. I’ve decided to take up the Takaful for the kids. So yesterday, we are making a step forward for the kids’ future. That is TakafulLink Cerdik. We contribute RM75 per month for each one or =RM150 for both. This unique plan gives the Protection & Education. This plan may qualify us for the RM3,000 education tax relief.

After Asar, the architect came for the 4th time. This time we may say this is the final layout for the kitchen renovation. Out of the 5 potential contractors, I may say that we & have shortlisted only 2. We will give the final layout which was endorsed by the architect and MPS to the 2 contractors quote again. I’m going to a very important training for the nation, handling Emergency Call @ Melaka today. Sound great huh. Bye bye KL.

Only 4 babies left out of 10!


-are you- said... Reply To This Comment

Farra, bukanke Deman agen Takaful Nasional dulu? Dah berentike?

`Ain said... Reply To This Comment

last week, we were approached by a prudential bsn takaful agent also. after discussion, we decided to top up abir & aufa`s insurance plan. actually diorang dah ada takaful ikhlas & takaful malaysia education scheme & great eastern medical card. Good investment kan!

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

ayu, dman jadi agen tak habeh belajar..haha..dah dpt lesen, tapi tak aktif

k.ain, moga2 elok semuanya