Friday, December 7, 2007

My 1st scrap & 1st Mus'ab QuickStraw Cup

Hari ni buat pertama kalinya saya cuba ScrapBook yang disyorkan oleh Semah & semakin menjadi kesuakan beberapa bloggers. So easy la to use it.
My kids
My Smiley Cakes

I just received this QuickStraw Cup for Mus'ab. Bought from Momslittleones as they are offering this product at discount price RM25 only instead of RM45. I'm planning to wean off bottle before he start going to PASTI. To date, I've purchased 5 items from MomsLittleOne.

I'm going for 4 days training @ melaka next week. In dilemma whether to bring along my BF baby or not. mmm

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