Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A deepavali story

Tuesday night last week, a very unlucky day for my poor little Mawaddah. It was because her mom being careless at home, specifically at kitchen. She got a deep injury at her finger because of an opened can. The can was not 100% open and I really didn’t realize that she put her finger into the can and then pulled back then. Blood coming out quite heavy and I tried to stop it by a ‘good morning’ towel on the way to clinic. The first clinic didn’t advised to do further treatment – stitch. The next day, we go again to the clinic but different panel C. The finger’s condition doesn’t improve anything and Dr urged us to go Hospital right immediately. So, after taking dinner @ Mom’s house & leave Mus’ab there, we went to Damansara Specialist. Dr wanted to start the stitch on the wounded finger in early morning. So, after we’ve registered, we came home because I can have more control on Mawaddah as she need to fast at 4am. When she woke up @ 5am, and crying for ‘Cucu’ (means susu) I put her in the swing to make sure she can continued the nap without taking milk. We left house @ 6.50am. Mawwadah changed her hospital’s dress at 7.30am while we are chatting with her to make her forgot about ‘Cucu’. Abang accompanied Mawaddah to the Operation room when they were about to start the mini operation. I can’t see her being fainted by the gas given by Anesthetic. It took about only 35mins, while we are waiting outside the operation’s room. I straightaway give her my ‘Cucu’ as she looked very hungry after the operation. Being herself, she always as active as usualà didn’t sleep, keep playing in the playroom which is in front of our ward until we can go home @ 3pm. For the 1st time we have the ‘First Aid kit ‘ at home as we need to changed the dressing everyday. This is how we spent our Deepavali’s day. The cost at DSH was RM3.8k. Damn high right? Hope PM covers all.

The next day we went back to Kulim for Kenduri Aqiqah Paksu & went back to KL on Saturday’s night. Sunday we went to Kenduri Gorgom & Siti @ kajang and Open House FahmyZarid. I didn’t take any meal at Zarid’s house as Mawaddah started meragam & crying. Maybe she didn’t feel so healthy that day.

Lesson for all parents (reminder to myself!!!!):

1) We have to be more careful at home, don’t let dangerous things is exposed to kids, to watch out their activities at home etc , can’t list anymore as you all know well. (shame on me)

2) First Aid Kit is a must at home!


Fitri & Nazihah said... Reply To This Comment

Farrah, kesiannya kat mawaddah. Mcm mane dia sekarang? Betullah, ogy pun rasa as a mother kita perlu pastikan rumah sentiasa SELAMAT... Alhamdulillah First Aid memang dah ada, cuma nak check kalo ubat dalam tue dah expired coz dah setahun beli... Ok, Farrah jangan sedih2 yea...

`Ain said... Reply To This Comment

hope mawaddah`s finger will have a speedy recovery. seems she is so eager to help mama baking yeah?

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

ogy, thanx ;)dia ok ajek, aktif semacam

k.ain, harap rajin sampai dh jadi anakdara nanti ehehe

ummi said... Reply To This Comment

anak dara dah start nak menolong kat dapur lah tu. semoga cepat sembuh.

mardhiah12 said... Reply To This Comment

ala ciannya..dia macam mana sekarang?

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

k.tie, anak dara kene ajar masuk dapur dr kecik :D

aini, she's recovering & getting better