Monday, September 3, 2007

Mus'ab, Choc Chip Cheesecake, Millionaire?

(1) Sunday is toilet training day for Mus'ab. Yesterday was his 4th week on the training. So far he progress very well even sometimes we did mistakes of not monitored him properly.

(2) After I finished decorated Rifqi's birthday cake last Saturday, I decided to try a new cheesecake recipe from Kraft with little modification. After maghrib I baked this Choc Chip Cheesecake. Truly amazing, it does taste quite outstanding. I brought the cake 3/4 quarter to the office today. Alhamdulillah, every tester did give good remarks. My GM & VP also tried it. I served them while they have discussion a the room. (This is not bodek ok, just a promotion). Already got 1 Choc Moist Cake order from GM ( my new GM effective July) and 1 Choc Chip CC order for hari raya. Out of all the tester that gave credit to the cake, Abang didn't give any comment. (Sampai hati!) But he can finished the whole slice of cake that I left in the fridge.
To know more about the cake, visit Smiley Cakes. I also posted Cheese tart recipe for readers!

(3) Very rarely read non cooking/baking book currently I'm reading Secrets of Internet Millionaires Revealed by Dr Irfan Khairi as inspired by Abang. I wish I could also work from home, earn good income, see the kids grow in front of my own eyes, cook early for dinner, toilet train Mus'ab every day etc etc bla bla ;)

(4) My curtain sewing project resumed starting last Friday after I stopped the activity for 6 months. Insyallah will share the photo once we have bought the curtain rail & hang on the curtain. We'll be moving to the new office this Friday. I shall start packing my stuffs today.

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