Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quick update

28-29 July 07

I was on holiday with my family @ P.Pangkor. Perhaps Abang also enjoy the holiday with his all ex-schoolmates who turned up this time about 31 pax. Not bad huh. But, there are only 6 women (adult category) including myself while only 3 babies including Mus’ab & Mawaddah.
Taking the kids in the holiday trip to island is quite challenging. Mawaddah asyik nak dukung! We don’t have big bagpacks, just use normal bag with the trolley, which is very unsuitable for a holiday in island. She also scared with unknown people, she will cry every time the person approach or try to touch her. The only comfortable place for 3 of us is the room! Only 3 because Abang was hanging out with all friends until 12am. I didn’t joined the Barbeque session because kiddies already fall asleep at 7.30pm. They haven’t sleep for the day! Abang just got a barbeques tapau for me that night. We stayed in Teluk Dalam Resort. A nice resort for me. Kids really enjoyed the holiday in the swimming pool. I bought all “must to buy things” in Pangkor like ikan bilis, sotong kering, sotong kecil, ikan masin macam2 jenis.

From Pangkor we drove off to Penang because Abang got a meeting that night. We stayed in Hotel Seri Malaysia.
30 July 07
After checked out about10am, we decided to stop at Bukit Bendera before driving to Kg Kulim Kedah. The train fee is very reasonable RM4 for adult & RM2 for kid 3 yrs above.

31 July 07

We left kg kulim with all kampung’s fruits like rambutan, manggis, dokong & cempedak.

And today, we just arrived home from Kg Kuala Pilah, my grandmother hasn’t see Mawaddah since she can walk. Alhamdullilah, she’s doing fine.
Insyallah, I’ll be joining the Fondant Cake Woekshop @ Bagus Gombak in 2 weeks.

From the Jeti
In front of our chalet
Swimming pool activity
See u again Pangkor !!
@ Penang Hill
Will update more pic in our fotopages later


myjulieyana said... Reply To This Comment

Farra, ni gathering sekolah md jiwa kan? aku & chot pon sepatutnya join tapi aku kan nak beranak hari tu so kitorang terpaksa decline the invitation.. sure ko letih melayan anak2 yg tak mahu berenggang kan.. i experienced that during our vacation to KK.. tak pergi jalan mana pon, the only faveret place is the room..

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

Juli, ape kabo? yelah md jiwa nyer reunion, aku tau ko nak bersalin sgt masa tu, kem salam kat new baby ;)

myjulieyana said... Reply To This Comment

aku sehat ala orang pantang la..tinggal 9 hari jer lagi nak merdeka.. hehehehe