Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mus'ab Belated Birthday celebration

I didn’t plan for it. It just comes across my mind on Saturday’s afternoon. I have been postponing the celebration quite sometime. When Yana sms me that afternoon “teringin nak makan choc moist fara, kalau order today bleh dapat esok tak?”, then I think I should celebrate Mus’ab birthday and would like to have mini gathering with only close friends. In addition, I also don’t have any cake order on last Sunday. I straightaway sms Yana, Yani & Ogy about my plan. Luckily, everybody give good feedback. Apart of the choc moist cake, I also cooked Mee Kari and Agar-agar pelangi.

Party was held on 5.30pm. All of us were excitedly sharing lots of updates, news , gossips etc kuang kuang :D We were talking until Maghrib . Lama jugak kan? They going home after perform Solat.

Thanks a lot to my friends for attending this small makan-makan. Also thanks a lot for the presents. Mus’ab was very excited with the sport car with remote control given by Aunti Yana. He played until 2am that night. Pergh, jakun betul anak aku ni :p

About the Choc moist cake 1.5kg, I’ve decorated it with some roses. Roses are considerednot suitable with boy eh? I purposely piping the rose to improve my decorating skill :D I piped 2 sizes of roses: medium and small. I just leave the color in white, contrast with the choc topping. The leaves are so easy to pipe, using the leaves nozzle.

Mus'ab nak potong sendiri kek tu. Mama pegang tangan dia terus mengamuk.
Mawaddah suke gila makan kek coklat Mama. Suapkan tak kasi. Hasilnya, letihla mama mengemas tikar sarawak tu Rifqi, Yana's son enjoy riding Mawaddah's birthday present from Mama.
Aqilah, puteri Ogy dah mula nak merangkak yer? Baik aje awak ni ;)

Dani, Yani's son yang suka sangat tersenyum & tak takut orang. Beza btol ngan mawaddah. Orang tak kenal siapler, sure dia gerun.

Last but not least, I think I have to limit the cake’s order from today’s onwards. The office workload are so killing me. I can only deliver maximum of 10-12 cakes per month. Priority should always be the family ;)


Fitri & Nazihah said... Reply To This Comment

Farah, seronoknya bile sekali-sekala jumpa & borak2... Hilang bosan... Insyallah nanti ogy buat birthday party Aqilah pulak yea...

yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

cun dah tuh bunga rose ko!!

aku pon bila pk cam malas dah nk buat kek..body, mind, soul sumer penat..totally exhausted ngan keje ngan study skang huhu

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

wokeh ogy! mesti buat okey ehehe

yati, study pon dah teruk tuh..aku dulu masa study pon tak baking ..wat kuih raya je kots