Sunday, May 6, 2007

Another Choc Moist Cake

Another choc moist cake for Kak Zizah from Prudential, my insurance agent ;). Anyone need insurance can inform me & I will tell her.

As I have promised last week, this is the recipe for Sugar Paste. We can use it for any cake deco like baby carrot, flower , cut out shapes etc.

500gm icing sugar- diayak 3 kali
2 table spoon glucose syrup
1 egg white

Combine egg white and glucose syrup in a bowl & stir well
Then, followed by the icing sugar
Mix well all items
Knead the dough on work surface. Floured the surface with corn flour for easy kneading.


anis said... Reply To This Comment

egg white tu tkyh masak ke??

mamselle said... Reply To This Comment

everytime bukak blog farra mesti ada gmbar makanan best2. hehe..

kita nak jemput farra & deman datang kenduri kawin kami pada 03.06 & 09.06 ni. official announcement dah letak kat blog kite.

kad iAllah kite pass kad deman. dia masih kat mmu kan?

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

anis, takyah masak

aduhai kebetulan 3 Juna sama wedding date cousin, insyallah akan diuruskan
deman tak dok mmu keje lembaga getah....bagi kite la tkt 22, menara