Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I’ve canceled the plan to upgrade my BP. I think my current Avent Isis is enough after reading view reviews and opinions from my friends.

Lately, I could realize that my milk supply slightly drop than before. Stock at home also becomes lesser. Maybe because I was too stress with jam and lot of housework matters!

Other mom comment:
Or are you too stressful? Babies
are smart. They can sense your feeling. So, when you feed her, try to relax,
enjoy your bundle of joy.

I should try not to be so stressful. Now I read other moms experiences from few useful websites to get useful tips to increase the milk supply.

Here are the tips!

  • Eat Fenugreek seeds capsule from Nature Farm – will find it by today

  • Drinks lot of lukewarm water

  • Drink hot milk half hour before pumping

  • Do a good massage before expressing to clear any blocked ducts

  • Drink soup made with papaya or threadfin fish. -> apa benda ni? Any idea?

  • Eat more fish, in sum: eat fish like a cat!! ( sat gi nak makan 2 ekor ikan bleh tak?

  • Pump every 2-3 hourly for about a week everyday( seem cannot be done at office (

Wish me luck!!

In addition, we are still looking for a babysitter/maid as my outstation schedule has been finalized. DH and Mawaddah insyallah will accompany me to Kuching next month.

This is pic of threadfin fish that I found just now. In malay, ikan ape ek?


Hany FF said... Reply To This Comment

farra, hany dulu pun pernah kurang susu gak. masa nufayl 5 bulan. sebabnya sama : stress, kurang rehat & mkn. so, the solution is :

- just relax urself from being stressed. lawan! :)
- banyak minum air (mcm yg farra tulis tu) & bagus kalau dpt minum horlick. kalau anmum utk bf tu lagi baguslah agaknya. hany tatau sbb hany takleh nak sentuh langsung susu. horlick je la hany minum. just buah2an, e.g : orange juice pun dpt tolong tambahkan susu.
- ambilla suppliment-multivitamin. it helps a lot. terutama waktu kita kurang selera makan, atau tak sempat (bz katakan) nak imbangkan pemakanan kita.

kalau tanak ambil suppliment. just makan banyak buah2an, sayur2an.

ok, that's all what I did. berpesan2...hanya apa yg kulakukan. hohoho.

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

hany thanx for sharing the info

mmg sume tips tu working..and alhamdulillah..susu dah bertambah semula..stok pon dah cukup :)

wendyywy said... Reply To This Comment

Threadfin is ikan senangin