Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Counting my days

Yes. The baby already engaged. I just know the news last Friday. I’m counting my days for the real challenging day! Today, I’m still working. So far, there’s no sign of labor coming.

Preparations for the big day:
  1. 1 beg for having 3 days vacation in hospital

  2. A bottle of air zam-zam

  3. A bottle of air selusoh made by my DH

  4. A bottle of air selusoh made by my Nanny

  5. Bunga Siti Fatimah

  6. Breathing exercise while watching TV: D

  7. Daily Yasin recitation & other surah like Maryam,Yusoff, Taubah

  8. Doa nabi Yunus

  9. Everyday visit babycenter.com to learn new knowledge especially on breastfeeding and coping with pain during labor

  10. Makan puas-puas—every week menu: McDonald’s ice cream..yesterday & today: Pizaa..huhu..dasyat

Also requesting doa from family’s members especially Emak, Emak Mertua & my dearest hubby.

Lately, I also did not get enough sleep because of:
  • I will awaken many times during the night to urinate 3-4 times between 12am-6pm

  • Need to change Mus’ab diapers once between 12am-6pm

  • Baby is kicking/punching strongly in my womb & always wake me up

  • Tangan kiri & kanan kebas dek everynite tidur mengiring

  • Perut gatal..need to get and apply baby oil few times

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