Thursday, March 9, 2006

Jam menunjukkan jam 7.15 petang. But I’m still in the office. Few things need to be done before going home. The reason is esok & Isnin insyallah aku bercuti. Cuti rehat because I have big plan before giving birth.

The big plan is cooking! Mengidam nak masak & makan 3 benda: Corn ball, bubur pulut hitam & cream puff. Masyallah..larat ke aku nak masak ni.

Teringat balik peristiwa 2 tahun yg lepas. I start my maternity leave on the day that I took leave to rest at home. That was happened on Friday, 4 June 2004. Manelah tahu kot, it will happen again tomorrow!

Reading from babycenter this morning about a few type of pain relief during labor, it makes me thinking not to take any pain relief because of it’s disadvantages. (The source: But I still cannot imagine how strong am I on that actual day. Should I take epidural? Ya Allah..berikanlah kekuatan kepada hambamu ini.

This is the last 2 years story.

I went home late on 3 June 04 to settle all my outstanding job because the next day I’ll on leave. Quite healthy that night but also feel a bit tired. The first contraction started at 3am but I totally didn’t realize it as one of the labor’s sign. The contraction feel like nak membuang air besar. Every hour I woke up & went to toilet. But tada benda pon yg keluar.

I still can performed solat subuh & recited surah yasin that morning in spite of having stomach ache. Then, I realized that I was having labor's pain when the slight blood came out from the vagina while I was taking morning bath.

We rushed to the hospital and arrived there at 8am. The dilation was only 2cm that time and Doc expected I’ll given birth during lunch. I can stand with the contraction until 7cm. But contraction become stronger from 7 to 10cm. I asked for epidural but the midwife didn't allow as she informed the time is almost around the corner. Alhamdulillah, I was safely delivered the Muhammad Mus'ab naturally without taking any labor’ s pain medication at 10.38am, Friday, 4 June 04. Nice date?? Truly, the hardest part was during the 'pushing stage'. I took alomost 5 attempts to push the baby. Thanks a lot to my DH for helping me during the hard situation. He was with me in the labor room. He comforted me with his massage, doa & quran recitation.

Ya Allah, help me. I want to have natural childbirth.

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