Wednesday, March 15, 2006

1724 Jalan E5/2 Taman Ehsan

We were so eager buying few furniture for our house just to welcome the arrival of my MIL, BIL & SIL to KL, specifically to our house for the 2nd time. The last time that they went here was during our Walimah 3 years ago. Unfortunately, they need to cancel the plan to come here during this school holiday due to few reasons.

Sebelum: Kosong je furniture

Selepas:Secipot furniture baru..perasan tak tade coffee table? tade budget maa.actually carpet + curtain also borrow from my mom

Work in progress: Abang tekun mengecat tanggaOur house: dari pandangan luar

Insyallah, we plan to move to this house after my confinement end. We also plan to have kenduri doa selamat for the new house & for the new baby in this house. Need to find the budget lagiii :D. Now, rumah jadi tempat singgahan kami je hujung-hujung minggu. Bila weekend je lepak-lepak kejap.

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