Thursday, February 23, 2006

Crazy bout' cooking!

I was so excited yesterday when I went to one special shop selling all bakery ingredients, ranging from various flavors, filling, premixes, emulsifier & more! This is good news to all friends who are crazy bout’ cooking especially Yati! The shop is Bake with Yen Sdn Bhd. The price is far cheaper than the shop that I used to go before in Kepong Town.

Just in half an hour, I spent RM48.30 to buy few things as to fulfill my interest! These are the things that I bought yesterday:
Square Loose Base – RM12
Aluminum donut cutter – RM4.50
Oregano- RM1.50
Basil – RM2.00
Ingredients for cheesecake (cream cheese, cream & cooking choc)- RM12.60
Muffin mix – RM4.20
Paper cup loose- RM2.50
Tart/muffin mould – RM9 for 10 pieces (RM0.90/piece)
Other stuffs ordered by Aini & my officemate - RM15.80

The best buy of the day was Tart/muffin mould! I was so amazed with the mould that only cost 90 cent per piece and the paper cup loose with varieties of color & patterns!
Instead of buying muffin tray, which cost you RM13 (6 holes) or RM18.50 (12 holes), now I can use the muffin mould with cost of RM0.90 per piece! Total price of 10 moulds is only RM9 and I can arrange all 10 moulds closely in my mom’s small oven.
If I were to use the 6 holes muffin tray, it will consume more baking time, as I need to wait for the 1st round to cook first. I also cannot use the 12 holes muffin tray, as the size is too big for my mom’s small oven.

I wish to spent more time exploring all ingredients there but I couldn’t able to stand for long time! Mak buyong le katekann . Lepas pantang nanti boleh aku pi lagi & lepas gian memasak!

Let’s enjoy cooking & eating! Dear friends, please check out this website for further details!

Chronology of our cash outflow this month:
11 Feb – RM318 @ Carrefour
14 Feb- RM320 @ Mydin
22 Feb- RM48.30 @ Bake with Yen Sdn Bhd
Within 5 days we spent almost RM600+ buying necessary household materials. That one still not inclusive Sofa, Dining Table, Tikar Sarawak, Carpet, Mattress, Cabinet, TV etc. Atoii..pokai!


puterikiut said... Reply To This Comment

beruntungnye jadi suami & anak2 farra...pandai & suka masak :)

aida said... Reply To This Comment

kedai bake with yen tu dah lama ada.. kat lorong haji taib, mmg murah kalau nak beli barang masakan

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

tu la pasai aida..aku baru tau aa psl kedai tu..ko tak penah recommend pon before this

aida said... Reply To This Comment

dah madam farra tak pernah tanya, ni pun sebab lepas audit kedai, aku pergi dengan staff aku, dia nak buat kek coklat.. cakapnya murah beli brg kedai tu..

tapi seram oo nak beli brg kat situ, banyak mak nyah

kaezrin said... Reply To This Comment

kedai tuh mmg kelasss..wah syiok baking2 nih..bila nak baking2 jugak nih!!!