Saturday, November 26, 2005

1st day toilet training

Yesterday was the 1st day for Mus’ab toilet training. We used Baby Potty seat and placed it on the toilet bowl.

1st attempt
Mus’ab screaming. He looked scared. Maybe he’s thinking what kind of action his Mom is trying to do. Then, I put him down again. He continued playing water in the pale.

2nd attempt
Again, he doesn’t show any comfort while seating on the potty seat. But then, he tried to be calm and enjoy the music from the potty seat. The music from the potty seat sounds very nice & interesting. It will plays sound the moment baby’s buttock touch it. Now, he can seat calmly and I started to play my music..”shhhhhh….shhhh….shhhhhh…”. I looked him…he looked me..nothing happened. I think the 1st day training is over. Enough for me to make him know the potty seat and at least he can seat calmly on it.

We’ll try again and again. Of course need a lot of patience. The 1st day toilet training makes me thinking that it’s not easy to train our child on how to use the toilet. Maybe some friends have useful tips?

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