Sunday, December 13, 2015

Top 10 family activities in NZ south island

South Island New Zealand simply a perfect destination for family. These are the activities you should do in NZ based on our experience and some feedback from others

1. Skyline Gondola and Luge, Queenstown

Budak-budak memang enjoy sangat. For 1st timer, you will use the beginner you will ride on the normal/beginner track. For advance rider, you can ride luge on the thrilled track.
I booked the tix online in advance from skyline.

Cost: Kami booked family pass Gondola + 8 luge rides NZD127.

2. Milford Sound Cruise
We booked the 1st cruise early in the morning 9.15am sebab time tu tiket paling murah. So memang kene plan kuar awal sgt coz we need to be there within 30 min before departure. It's highly recommended that you stay at Te Anau. Kami gerak dr Te Anau 6.30am.

Tips: Driver paid half price if you booked Jucy Car. Just show the car's key.You can bring food and eat in the cruise. The cruise also provide free hot tea :)

3. Discovery Jet Boat, Rakaia Gorge 
This was not in the itinerary at all! I guess it's because there's no review we found earlier about this. Hence, I had left a comment about it at Google review :). I'm glad that we did it. Very worth every dollar spent! Kalau uols tengok website Discovery Jet Boat, rate die agak mahal. 99nzd per adult. We are lucky enough to get the best rate ever! 40nzd per adult and 25nzd per child, that's the price for 6 adults and 7 kiddos.

~ How to get there? Use inland scenic route from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo via Rakaia Gorge

~ No advance booking is required
~ Come together in big group ie families & friends
~ Negotiate smartly and if you able to get the lower rate, then go for it. Respect the guy.

4. Cadbury World, Dunedin
This is a must place to go if you have kids! Our family tickets  for Cadbury Tour is 64nzd and you cannot take any picture inside.  They give us free chocolate and melted chocolate in small cup, this is quite nice but a bit sweet! Poning den. The free choc is the one that very not popular at all, sorry to say that I think it's their unsold stock huhu. But kids definitely enjoy the tour as the tour guide, zoey described the chocolate making process very well and systematic. Psst, she is also beautiful! hehe, Others not really kihkih

But if you a bit concern on the price you should come to snap photo with the Cadbury truck and buy Cadbury as the price is cheaper than Pak and Save..and a lot of varieties chocolate! 4 choc bar cost you 10nzd.

5. Wanaka Puzzling world
Cost us nzd68 and kids really enjoyed the day! Get ready to burn your calories.

6. Kayak/Punting @ Avon River, Christchurch
Beside strolling around the Christchurch garden, you can actually ride Kayak if you have enough energy or just choose the Punting--> yang ni tak penat le sebab orang lain yg kayuh. We choose 2 kayak, the cost is 48nzd. 2 adults and 1 kids in 1 kayak, so we just need 2.

7. Otago and Canterbury Museum Christchurch & Dunedine
You should to their museum, as theirs is quite interesting, informative and FREE! You just need to pay to go Discovery Centre. We paid 35nzd to the discovery center Otago Museum, Dunedin and the kids really enjoyed the games and the butterfly park. I also love the butterfly park as all butterflies is very friendly, we can hold them--> this is a nice experience as I could not hold any butterfly in Penang Butterfly Park. hehe

Canterbury Museum

For more info: Air Force museumCanterbury museum.  

8. Feed the Salmon for Free
Yang ni memang syok abes, berapa kali kids ulang sebab boleh kasi makanan free to Salmon :)
For more info:

Lepas bagi ikan makan, beli la Salmon tu yer 

9. Playground anywhere in NZ 
All playground in NZ is very well maintained most of them are simply amazing. It's also a best place to rest after a long journey. Public toilet also available.

10. Picnic at Botanical Garden and Beach
The gardens is beautiful, clean and free. Hence this is the best place to have picnic with family or friends.
Nasi bungkus by lakeside

Seronok main dengan itik

11. Aqua Bike, Queenstown
We booked but cannot ride due to bad weather. Cheap ticket can be booked from

12. Kawarau Zipride, Queenstown
I personally think this is the least activity to try as the ride is very simple, no challenge at all haha! Mujur le kami beli tiket half price from 25nzd per person- so in total nzd 100 for 4 pax. Kesian Muaz tak boleh naik sebab 8 tahun ke atas je boleh naik.

11. Wildlife Park ( we didn't go)

NZ has a lot of wildlife park for instance :
Kiwi birdlife park queenstown
Orana wildlife Park

Last but not least, I think you should do Bungy Jumping! huwaa ralat wehhh I is sedih. Dah takmo cakap. In case you nak, book at as well.


Farikica said... Reply To This Comment

Semua pon best2 farra...bilalah nk smpai kaki ke nz... tiket murah2 lai2...huhu

Farikica said... Reply To This Comment

Semua pon best2 farra...bilalah nk smpai kaki ke nz... tiket murah2 lai2...huhu

Farra Da Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Fari sure bole pi punya amin..hehe sales jan nnti beli tau..sesuai sgt cuti sek ujung thn dpn g nz

soraya.nasir said... Reply To This Comment

ler.. ko minat nak bungy ke. aku ingatkan korang tak minat.. h

Farra Da Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Aku minat jugak..usah dikenang

alyaa aidee said... Reply To This Comment

wah bestnya sana banyak activity outdoor. bukan anak je teruja, mak pun sama. hehe