Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Towards healthy lifestyle

Since the past 1 week, I've started again my healthy lifestyle routine..

1. Skipping for 200times on daily basis

2. Reduce carbo intake. So the substitute would be eat lots of fruits, vege & taking  oats/ tortilla.
Oat with strawberry, Sunflower seed, almond, honey
 Tortilla wrap with filling as you wish.
 Oat with walnut & dried cranberries
Oat with green apple & walnut. Tea green also a must.

3. Complete 10,000 steps in a day via walking, jogging or even running.

To date I've lost 2kg since past 2 months ..that's the ultimate target. So now mak kono konsisten lor heheh

I completed 8km last weekend and 4km was in Jogathon!
Mak menang no 1 ok lg hebat utk ketegori senior 2km.

It was an impromtu event when suddenly mom called and invited me last minute. Yey best

 Tak pakai jersey ni coz it was xl size! Besauu. Rezeki hubby la

Alhamdulillah out of 12 partipicants I ranked no 5. Dapat tuala ..hehe ok la..Mak dpt hamper & cash monnies. 

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