Sunday, December 15, 2013

A4 size sling beg

I turn this leftover fabric from my mom's house into a sling bag. Initially I plan to make adjustable handle but couldn't find the steel bag accessory yg bentuk 4 segi tu. So it's ok I just proceed my plan because every weekend night is now a sewing night for me..huehue 

The size actually based on my hubby's laptop bag...

It's not a perfect bag but I love it. Not only Waddah,  I also use it for weekend outing... Baru hari ni lah kiki

Pocket inside..

And I'm determined ( ewah) to make a better sling bag for myself later. A bag that could carry passport & travel documents.  I need to find good fabric and enough bag accesories. Jakel and Nagoya sales is so tempting 😎 

The sling bag in action!
Mawaddah going to english camp @ mom's office. 😊


Sharinginfoz said... Reply To This Comment

memang cantik gak beg ni

Hanis said... Reply To This Comment

pandainya fara jahit!
cantik dan kemas sungguh.

Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Hanis, takle pandai sgt..tengah belajar2..practice make perfect

TQ sharinginfoz :)