Thursday, September 6, 2012

Singapore Part II ( Day 1)

Since SG is more interesting than Phuket so let me continue the Part II of SG trip. Part I SG here.

Based on the invitation card, the event shall at 6.30pm. But Zai & me think it's too we purposely delayed our arrival. There were huge crowd outside the ballroom. People came from many companies but under the same industry.

The official photographer requested everybody to take photo at this backdrop.

Apart of the award giving ceremony, there was also other activities such as photo session at the event’s backdrop (outside the ballroom), group photo competition ( the highest “like” will be rewarded with financial reward) and cup cake decoration ( a charity-like activity whereby participants is encouraged to give any donation in cash to one of the sponsor), Miss & Mr CCAS and last but not least an Acapella band performance.
I decorated 5 cupcakes! Yeay..lama sangat tak deco cake. Ku lenjan la abeh la time tu..I met new friends from Jakarta.

Here we go my photo with the team and my bosses

 Bila orang lelaki deco cake! cam keras je tangan..ehhehe

Ok this is my new friend beside me from Vietnam..Dah tukar contact..later I can arrange holiday @ Vietnam. She even told me places of attraction kat Ho Chi Minh..layanzzz...

 BRONZE for category “ Best Outsourced Contact Center”. 
Ok time ni akak dah ngantuk sangat! dok tringat tilam dan bantal haha 

Sampai je bilik..sume orang dah tido lena...Last but not least the, some photos of Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

That's end my 1st day of SG trip. Esok nak explore SG....excited! heee

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