Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Singapore Part I ( Day 1)

I didn't prepare very well on this business trip; Contact Center Award 2012 . I went to the event together with 3 other bosses. I just got to know the dress code on my last working day just before 5.30pm. I was surprised the dress code is "black tie" like this:

Pening dok fikir baju hape nak pakai..barang tak pack lagi..final BP figure tak finalized ..jam dah 6pm..argh stress makcik on last Thurs. My office mate [ and the bosses] making funny on me about the dress code. Haha! aku masih rational dan waras..takkan kuketepikan agamaku. BTW tringin gak nak pakai depan hubby LOL.

Our flight departed from KL at 12pm noon and alhamdulillah we safely arrived at Changi International Airport 1 hour later.. The moment we reached Changi, everybody was craving for food. Boss Fauzil took us to the staff canteen and we had superlicious lunch. Few halal food stalls is available and the price is good enough. 

Me & hubby easily meet each other in Terminal 2 at the 'Meeting Points'. Airasia landed at Terminal 1 while MAS at Terminal 2. We've agreed to meet in front of Car Rental counter.  We had lunch together with the team. We then continued our journey to the next pit stop at Orchard Road while others direct to the Hotel.

TIPS: You can get 4 hrs free wifi connection here...request the ID from pretty lady at the information counter in front of this meeting point. 

We bought 2 unlimited tourist pass for 3 days for 60dollar ( 30 dollar each) and shall get return of 20 dollar once we returned the card. Both kids FOC. The lady was so nice, she gave 2 stickers to my kids.
We don't have any big problem traveling in Singapore. They have very efficient public transport. I love it! We can explore Sin via MRT. As shown in the map below, the MRT has several lines in Green, Purple, Red, Orange etc covering majority of the area.

I'm not big fan of shopping..thus I couldn't able to appreciate the shopping mall in Orchard. So we just had our sightseeing and scouting around. 

Next, we took MRT to go Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. We are actually not sure the location. We just looked up direction to Havelock Road. And after a long walking and lot of sweating + lutot dah bergegaq.ok time ni dah emosi sket sbb tahan taxi depe tak layan..most taxi are 'hired'..finally we arrived at the hotel. Time almost 6pm and the event shall start at 6.30pm..gelabah mak nak mandikan anak ..nak mandi, nak solat , nk iron baju hahah amik koo..ko dtg sini bukan nk holiday yer nok!

Around China Town..most people are chinese. Referring to G map ( baru tgk semalam), the distance from Chinatown MRT to the hotel is only 1.6KM! OMG...I felt so far! Ok I guess sebab cuaca yg amat panas + menggendong Maher. Kat Perth dulu musim winter jalan jauh still rasa OK

I was ready by 6.45pm and I called Zai to meet up at Grand Ballroom. So here I am..in Black Abaya. I think it's just fine with the dress code- Black Tie. Proud to wear Abaya while most of the people dress up in ' tak cukup kain' style..heheh



y@tipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

berdebar2 nk tgk ko pakai ape...finally abaya. cayalah!!!

Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

yati, sibuk bebudak opis nak tau aku pakai baju apa..hahahh :)

CT said... Reply To This Comment

sweet lady in black...:)

Ummu Auni said... Reply To This Comment

ewah ewah..macam minah arab ko

Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

mekasehh kak CT & Aini eheheh :D

Hanis said... Reply To This Comment

lawanyaaa.....terkelu lidah tau :)

Sharinginfoz said... Reply To This Comment

seronok gak pi singapore, alamak tak sampai lagi ke sana

Smiley said... Reply To This Comment

Hanis, mekaseh.hehe

Sharinginfoz, SG lg best dr Phuket..gi la SG eeehhe