Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Complaint on Maybank TreatPoints and Enrich

The chronology of my complaint on Maybank TreatPoints and Enrich..erk abaikan kalau tak larat nak baca.

Lesson learn: Jangan malas2 nak komplen kalau kita betul! Tunaikan hak kite sebagai pengguna! chewahh ahahha
Kisahnya saya mmg ada Enrich Card Blue tu jek..( yg paling bwh skali) tapi tak penah pon pakai. Haha! Dah tu dpt idea nak redeem Maybank Treatpoints so that Hubby & Muaz boleh fly with MAS balik dr SG masa I outstation last 2 weeks.Tapi disebabkan kesilapan dan kesembapan Enrich, points yg kutunggu tak muncul jua..makanya terpaksa gak book tix SG by AA sebab nak jimat. Cuma hikmahnya, disebalik kes ni SG trip was a fun weekend gateway, better than Phuket! heeee

Lepas dah byk kali komplen thru email & call to both companies..finally problem resolved! Semalam Maybank call me and updated that the 42K returned to my account. Pagi ni checked mmg dah ada..owh syioknye! TQ Maybank & Enrich.

Rasanya problem ni resolved pon lepas I sent official complaint via email on last Thurs to both companies. Ni die:

15 Aug: I walked to Enrich office situated at KL Sentral to get my Enrich replacement card. They served me and had given me Enrich Card No xx and informed me “only owner Maybank Credit Card can redeem the enrich points via his own Enrich account”.  I acknowledged it since I have intention to redeem the accumulated points for my own Enrich account.
I, then, redeemed Maybank treatpoints valued at 42,000 in exchange for 6,000 enrich miles. On the same day, I attempted to log-in to Enrich website few times but my attempts were unsuccessful with error message “data not found”. I called Enrich customer service and the IVR couldn’t recognize the MH number that I’ve entered with error “data not found”.

22 and 27 Aug: I sent an e-mail to enrich to complaint on the error but I haven’t received any reply from Enrich until today.

27 Aug: I went to Enrich Kl Sentral and lodged another complain with regards to my problem. I was informed that the replacement card given earlier to me is incorrect and the correct number for the card is MHxx.  I, then, successfully logged in to my enrich account and the miles is not yet credited.
I called Maybank and even sent e-mail to Maybank treatpoints customer service to inform the correct Enrich Account no which is: MHxx on which they gave an encouraging reply and committed to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

30 Aug: I checked my Enrich online and found that the points are still not deposited into my accounts. I was in a rush and wanted to use it to book Singapore air tickets since I am supposed to fly on 31st Aug.  I called Maybank to express my dissatisfaction and request my 42,000 points which I redeemed earlier to be deposited into my Maybank CC account. Maybank gave feedback by promising me that they will return my call next Monday ( 3 Sept).

3 Sept: During lunch hour, Maybank called me and informed that they cannot return the 42,000 points. I acknowledged and requested to resolve the redeemed Maybank treatpoints.   I was then informed by the personnel, it will take around  1 week++ to resolve the outstanding issue with Enrich. Later that afternoon,  Maybank treatpoints sent me email informing that the points had been successfully transferred to earlier enrich card number: MHxx. I felt so upset! It’s supposed to be credited in MHxx.

5 Sept: I called Enrich to verify whether there is any existing account for MH xx? They informed me that such account does not exist which led me to argue the validity of verification/validation between Maybank and Enrich which is in contrast with the Enrich’s staff counter statement earlier.
Enrich  advised me to get the transaction ID / reference from Maybank for them  to resolve the problem. Later, I called Maybank to get the transaction ID and they promised to call me but unrfounately, I didn’t receive any phone call/reply until today.

As per today, 6 Sept 2012, my problem is still not yet resolved even though I followed up by phone and e-mails since 15 Aug 2012. My 42,000 treatpoints had been deducted on 17 Aug and till today, no Enrich points is still not credited to my account. PLEASE RESOLVE MY PROBLEM.


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