Monday, March 19, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia: Gold Coast Morib

Last month I found this great offer via After I purchased the coupon, there's so many feedback said they had bad experience with the resort. But our experience is totally different. The check-in process is so fast ( less than 10 min) even we didn't expect can check-in as early as 12.45pm. My 1st intention is actually to get the theme park wristband first. Even all luggage was still inside the car.

So, we checked-in first. The room view is marvelous, it's in front of the theme park! Kids cannot wait anymore, they enjoy the jacuzzi inside our room. If not mistaken every room has jacuzzi. Best kan?

After we had homemade lunch and perform solat, we went to themepark. The voucher didn't inclusive child tix, so we bought 2 at RM15 each. Muaz & Maher FOC. The theme park is even better than Tiara Beach Resort, PD.

5pm++ we went back to our room. 6pm+ we drove car to Banting town to buy dinner for kids: KFC. As for me, hubby and 2 youngest kids, we had free dinner in the resort. The foods is OK. Not so varieties but the tasty. 

Next day, me, hubby & 2 youngest kids had breakfast in resort. The queue is quite long, maybe because of the school holiday.

The same wristband can be used during our stay (2D) at GCM

2D totally not enuff! Next must plan for 3D

 Lepak-lepak kat lobi hotel

More theme park piccas in next entry ya!

Nak balik didn't give cooperation for proper photo huhu

One-family photo! macam2 peel anak

After checked-out, we dropped by Pantai Morib. Well, the place seem was renovated. So it's quite convenience with facilities like, food stall, toilet, surau, playground etc.Next entry , will write about the room ok.

For RM200 paid, I would say it's totally worth the moniess!!


Myluv - Syl said... Reply To This Comment

wow.. bestnya. haritu pun syl perasan coupon ni. tapi tak beli. harap lain kali dpt peluang camni jugak.

afi said... Reply To This Comment

lol for the family photo. so cute must print!

eLLe said... Reply To This Comment

waa..x sabarnye nak p....kena booking dulu la..takot full..acececeh..hehe..

ketikketok said... Reply To This Comment

nak cari pak engku kat morib..nnt kalau bercuti ke CH, singgah di Galeri BiGDee House of Magic Potions Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata. satu-satunya galeri microfungus aromaterapi nano di dunia!

amiey lee said... Reply To This Comment

salam kenal..mencari pasal gold coast mirb terjumpa sabar nak g esok insyaAllah..guna the same voucher..kita pun beli gak..hopefully sok leh gak check in early ;p